“When Wood burns, Fire is made,
and from its ashes Earth is formed.
Within the Earth, Metal condenses,
expelling Water, and thus Wood grows.”

(Chinese wisdom)    



When designing my furniture I look for an idea, a concept which combines the use of simple shapes with maximum adaptability and the highest quality.

Look at, touch, use beautiful things: furniture which does not date. Furniture to be used, which improves with time and becomes essential to one’s lifestyle.….

Wood and steel seem to be made for each other. All that is required is good design to bring out their distinct properties.

Wood is a warm material, with its own make-up and ever-varying colours, which give each and every piece of furniture its unique quality. Wood is a living thing which breathes and reacts to climatic changes.
When combined with cool and elegant steel, which reflects light and is hard-wearing, a combination worthy of admiration comes into being. It is the combination of two opposite elements which attract and complement each other, captivating the beholder.


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